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KaffiMann (NO) Electronic | Instrumental | Progressive

What is the source of inspiration for KaffiMann? What does it sound like? Perhaps the fastest way to explain it in text would be to look at the main influences, Squarepusher, Jimmy Smith, J. S. Bach. What can we gleam from this? Well, Squarepusher seems to have a certain intensity and unpredictability that can be quite engaging. Jimmy Smith is THE absolute reference for Hammond B3 enthusiasts, an absolute legend among jazz musicians and listeners. J. S. Bach, what was he doing again? Perhaps we could certainly say that there is slightly more intensity and variation to at least a few of the tracks in KaffiMann newer output.

KaffiMann is not saying that he is trying to emulate any of these artists, but more that they have been a source of inspiration at some point in time. What we end up with is a relatively varied experience in the music from a single individual, stretching the range from smooth jazzy sounds over to intense darkness or going through some punchy beats and in some spots even crazy lows. 

KaffiMann …enjoy responsibly!



Previous release

Kaffi 101


This is a collection of some tunes from KaffiMann. The selection is meant to be an easy introduction to his sound signature, and the variations he's come to rely on for rhythm and melodies. He is not averse to playing with variying levels of distortion and intensity. As opposed to most other music today, his approach to mastering and general sound signature is to avoid compression and limiting. There are no automated processes in any patterns or sounds. It is all done carefully and slowly, gentle tweaking throughout each and every track.
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